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Do you want guaranteed results that deliver high quality candidates to your project time lines? Please click here and a member of our team will call you to start to understand what's important to you and how we can guarantee those results.

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Tips & Tricks

You’ve had your appetite whetted for a new opportunity or it’s time to develop your career outside your current employer. The first suggestion is get a proactive agency or Search firm to act on your behalf, they will enhance your chances of securing what your looking for and if they are good they will give you honest feedback on your CV and areas of interest. If its not Populus then chose wisely, this is a major life decision and speak with us to see how we would approach your search. If it is Populus, good choice!

1. Applications:

The first step to securing that career step so spend some time on the application and CV, find out who the target reader is and send it to them by name. Ensure there are no spelling mistakes, there is nothing worse than a lack of care it shows you don’t really want THAT opportunity. REMEMBER the objective of this stage is to secure an interview nothing more, write them both with this in mind.

If you want a complete list on the Populus Tips and Tricks for applications & CV’s:

2. Interviews:

Preparation, Punctuality, Presentation. If you spend some time on these areas you’ll make a good first impression, remember present yourself for the job you want not the job you’ve got, make that step up and take action!

If you want a complete list on the Populus Tips and Tricks for interviews: